Relish              The Linsmore Tavern
       Nov 13                        Dec 1
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NEWS: We are pleased to announce that Cadre will continue playing two residencies a month. Relish, on various Sunday afternoons - one per month - and C'est What on select Saturday evenings towards the end of each month. Click here for details..
THE ADDICTION - if addiction is an effort on the part of the addict to recapture their first high, then addiction to songwriting could be construed as an effort to relive one's first musical high.
THE IMPRINT - not unlike the duckling believing itself a chicken because a hen was the first thing thing it saw, I postulate that the songwriting addict is similarly imprinted.  Indelibly marked for life by that first song that stopped them in their tracks. My particular "hen" is The Weight by The Band. I can remember exactly where I was and what I felt.  I've been trying to pull "into Nazareth" ever since.
Hello. My name is Bill. I am an addict.
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